Precision DNA screening

Safeguarding biotechnology through advanced, secure, and free sequence screening

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  • Free to Use and Open Source

    SecureDNA provides its leading-edge solutions open source and for free, encouraging broad adoption and showcasing our transparency.

  • Simple, Seamless Integration

    Facilitating provider onboarding with full automation and minimal disruption, keeping your focus on innovation and progress.

  • Politically Neutral Foundation

    Developed by a global team of experts and run within a Swiss non-profit foundation without any government involvement or direction.


  • Comprehensive Pathogen Detection

    Efficiently screen for all known pathogens, emerging threats, and functional variants with a consistently updated database.

  • Rapid, Ultra-Sensitive Screening

    Breaking orders down to overlapping windows as small as 30bp ensures that genes and oligos alike are screened with precision, all at lightning speed.

  • Virtually Eliminate False Positives

    Outputs ~0 false alarms by using patented reverse screening to remove known non-hazards, ensuring your crucial work remains uninterrupted.


  • Cryptographic Privacy Protection

    Keep your information protected with advanced privacy-preserving cryptographic algorithms securing every valuable detail of your data.

  • Future Planning Compliance

    With specs well ahead of current guidelines, we anticipate being able to meet or exceed any new regulatory requirements that are put in place.

FeatureSecureDNAHow We Compare
PriceFreeSecureDNA is the only free screening platform on the market that also includes complimentary integration support and ongoing help.
Min Sequence Size30 Base PairsSecureDNA effectively screens down to 30 base pairs without having to lower its sensitivity to do so, ensuring that even oligos providers can now protect themselves from the threat of exploitation.
Auto ExemptionsYesSecureDNA is the only screening software on the market that will offer built in exemption certification, ensuring that all valid orders that would otherwise set off a hazard alert are able to proceed without delay. (Coming 2024)

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