This page offers an overview of hazards detected by SecureDNA, grouped by the region in which their synthesis is denied.

AGAustralia Group export control
EUEuropean Union export control
PRCPeople's Republic of China export control
SASelect agent
PPPPotential pandemic pathogen
HazardRegions where synthesis is deniedAccessionsTags
AflatoxinsEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
African horse sickness virusEU, USAG, EU, SA
African swine fever virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Andean potato latent virusEU, USAG, EU
Andes virusEU, USAG, EU, H2H
Australian bat lyssavirusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
BK polyomavirusnoneH2H
Bacillus anthracisEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Bacillus cereus Biovar anthracisEU, USAG, SA
Banana bunchy top virusEU, PRC, USAG, PRC
Banna virusnoneA2H
Barmah forest virusnoneA2H
Bartonella quintanaPRCA2H, PRC
Bas-Congo virusnoneH2H
Bluetongue virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Bokeloh bat lyssavirusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Botulinum neurotoxinsEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Brucella abortusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Brucella melitensisEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Brucella suisEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Bundibugyo ebolavirusnoneH2H
Bunyamwera virusnoneA2H
Bunyavirus La CrossenoneA2H
Bunyavirus snowshoe harenoneA2H
Burkholderia malleiEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Burkholderia pseudomalleiEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
C perfringens alpha toxinsEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
C perfringens beta 1 toxinsEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
C perfringens beta 2 toxinsEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
C perfringens epsilon toxinsEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
C perfringens iota toxinsEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Chandipura virusnoneA2H
Chapare virusEU, USAG, EU, H2H, SA
Chikungunya virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Chlamydia psittaciEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Choclo virusEU, USAG, EU
Cholera toxinEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Classical swine fever virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicusEU, USAG, EU
Clostridium argentinenseEU, USAG, EU, SA
Clostridium baratiiEU, USAG, EU, SA
Clostridium botulinumEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Clostridium butyricumEU, USAG, EU, SA
Clostridium perfringensEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Clostridium tetaniPRCPRC
Coccidioides immitisEU, USAG, EU
Coccidioides posadasiiEU, USAG, EU
Cochliobolus miyabeanusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Coniothyrium glycinesEU, USAG, SA
Coronavirus MERS-CoVEU, USAG, EU, H2H, PPP
Coronavirus SARS-CoV-1EU, USAG, EU, H2H, PPP, SA
Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2noneH2H
Coronavirus SHC014noneH2H, PPP
Coronavirus WIV1noneH2H, PPP
Coronavirus WIV16noneH2H, PPP
Cosavirus BnoneH2H
Cosavirus CnoneH2H
Cosavirus DnoneH2H
Cosavirus EnoneH2H
Cosavirus FnoneH2H
Coxiella burnetiiEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Coxsackie virusnoneH2H
Coxsackievirus B3noneH2H
Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, H2H, PRC, SA
Dengue virus type 1PRCA2H, H2H, PRC
Dengue virus type 2noneH2H
Dengue virus type 3noneH2H
Dengue virus type 4noneH2H
Dhori virusnoneA2H
DiacetoxyscirpenolEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Dobrava-Belgrade virusEU, USAG, EU
Dugbe virusnoneA2H
Duvenhage virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Eastern equine encephalitis virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Ebola virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, H2H, PRC, SA
Encephalomyocarditis virusnoneH2H
Enterohaemorrhagic Escherichia coli, serotype O157EU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Enterovirus 68noneH2H
Enterovirus AnoneH2H
Epstein-Barr virusnoneH2H
European bat 1 lyssavirusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
European bat 2 lyssavirusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Far Eastern tick-borne encephalitis virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Foot-and-mouth disease virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Francisella tularensisEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Goat pox virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Guanarito virusEU, USAG, EU, H2H, SA
Hantaan virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Hendra virusEU, USAG, EU, PPP, SA
Hepatitis A virusnoneH2H
Hepatitis B virusnoneH2H
Hepatitis C virusnoneH2H
Hepatitis E virusnoneH2H
Hepatitis G virusnoneH2H
Hepatitis delta virusnoneH2H
Human adenovirusnoneH2H
Human astrovirusnoneH2H
Human bocavirus 1noneH2H
Human bocavirus 2noneH2H
Human bocavirus 3noneH2H
Human bocavirus 4noneH2H
Human coronavirus 229EnoneH2H
Human coronavirus HKU1noneH2H
Human coronavirus NL63noneH2H
Human coronavirus OC43noneH2H
Human cytomegalovirusnoneH2H
Human herpesvirus 1noneH2H
Human herpesvirus 2noneH2H
Human herpesvirus 6noneH2H
Human herpesvirus 6BnoneH2H
Human herpesvirus 7noneH2H
Human herpesvirus 8noneH2H
Human immunodeficiency virus 2noneH2H
Human immunodeficiency virusnoneH2H
Human influenza B virusnoneH2H
Human influenza C virusnoneH2H
Human metapneumovirusnoneH2H
Human papillomavirus 1noneH2H
Human papillomavirus 16noneH2H
Human papillomavirus 18noneH2H
Human papillomavirus 2noneH2H
Human papillomavirus 32noneH2H
Human papillomavirus 5noneH2H
Human papillomavirus 9noneH2H
Human parainfluenza virus 1noneH2H
Human parainfluenza virus 2noneH2H
Human parainfluenza virus 3noneH2H
Human parainfluenza virus 4noneH2H
Human parvovirus 4noneH2H
Human parvovirus B19noneH2H
Human pegivirus 2noneH2H
Human picobirnavirusnoneH2H
Human polyomavirus 10noneH2H
Human polyomavirus 12noneH2H
Human respiratory syncytial virusnoneH2H
Human rhinovirus B3noneH2H
Human rhinovirus CnoneH2H
Human rhinovirusnoneH2H
Human t-lymphotropic virusnoneH2H
Human torovirusnoneH2H
Influenza 1918 virusEU, USAG, EU, H2H, PPP, SA
Influenza A/Hong Kong/1/68(H3N2)noneH2H, PPP
Influenza A/Japan/305/57(H2N2)noneH2H, PPP
Influenza A/Netherlands/219/2003(H7N7)noneH2H, PPP
Influenza high-pathogenicity avianEU, PRC, USAG, EU, H2H, PRC, SA
Isfahan virusnoneA2H
JC polyomavirusnoneH2H
Japanese encephalitis virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Junin virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, H2H, PRC, SA
KI polyomavirusnoneH2H
Kyasanur Forest disease virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Laguna negra virusEU, USAG, EU, H2H
Langat virusnoneA2H
Lassa fever virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, H2H, PRC, SA
Legionella pneumophilaPRCPRC
Lordsdale VirusnoneH2H
Louping ill virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Lujo virusEU, USAG, EU, H2H, SA
Lumpy skin disease virusEU, USAG, EU, SA
Lymphocytic choriomeningitis virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
MX polyomavirusnoneH2H
Machupo virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, H2H, PRC, SA
Magnaporthe oryzaeEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Mamastrovirus 1noneH2H
Mammalian orthoreovirus 3noneH2H
Marburg virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, H2H, PRC, SA
Mayaro virusnoneA2H
Measles virusnoneH2H
Merkel cell polyomavirusnoneH2H
Microcystins/cyanoginosinsEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirusnoneH2H
Molluscum contagiosum virusnoneH2H
Moniliophthora roreriEU, PRC, USAG, PRC
Monkeypox virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, H2H, PPP, PRC, SA
Mumps virusnoneH2H
Murray Valley encephalitis virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Mycoplasma capricolumEU, USAG, EU, SA
Mycoplasma mycoidesEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Newcastle disease virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Nipah virusEU, USAG, EU, PPP, SA
Norovirus gInoneH2H
Norovirus gIInoneH2H
Norovirus gIVnoneH2H
O'nyong-nyong virusnoneA2H, H2H
Omsk hemorrhagic fever virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Oropouche virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Parainfluenza virus 5noneH2H
Peste des petits ruminants virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Phoma tracheiphilaEU, PRC, USAG, PRC
Porcine teschovirusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Potato spindle tuber viroidEU, USAG, EU
Powassan virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Puccinia graminis ssp. graminis var. graminisEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Puccinia striiformisEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Punta toro phlebovirusnoneA2H
Puumala virusnoneH2H
Rabies virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Ralstonia solanacearumEU, USAG, EU, SA
Rathayibacter toxicusEU, USAG, SA
Rickettsia prowazekiiEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Rickettsia rickettsiiPRCA2H, PRC
Rift Valley fever virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PPP, PRC, SA
Rinderpest virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Rocio virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Rosavirus AnoneH2H
Ross river virusnoneA2H, H2H
Rotavirus AnoneH2H
Rotavirus BnoneH2H
Rotavirus CnoneH2H
Rubella virusnoneH2H
STL polyomavirusnoneH2H
Sabia virusEU, USAG, H2H, SA
Sagiyama virusnoneA2H
Salmonella enterica subsp. TyphiEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Sandfly fever Naples phlebovirusnoneA2H
Sandfly fever sicilian virusnoneA2H
Sapporo virusnoneH2H
SaxitoxinEU, USAG, EU, SA
Semliki forest virusnoneA2H
Seoul virusEU, USAG, EU
Sheep pox virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Shiga toxinEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Shigella dysenteriaeEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Siberian tick-borne encephalitis virusPRC, USPRC, SA
Simian hemorrhagic fever virusnonePPP
Sin Nombre virusEU, USAG, EU
Sindbis virusnoneA2H
St Louis encephalitis virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Staphylococcal alpha-hemolysinEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Staphylococcal enterotoxin AEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Staphylococcal enterotoxin BEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Staphylococcal enterotoxin FEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Suid alphaherpesvirus 1EU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Swine vesicular disease virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Synchytrium endobioticumEU, USEU, SA
T-2 toxinEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Tilletia indicaEU, USAG, EU
Torque teno virusnoneH2H
Uukuniemi virusnoneA2H
Varicella zoster virusnoneH2H
Variola majorEU, PRC, USAG, EU, H2H, PPP, PRC, SA
Variola minorPRC, USH2H, PPP, PRC, SA
Venezuelan equine encephalitis virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Vesicular stomatitis virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Vibrio choleraeEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
ViscuminEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
VolkensinEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
WU polyomavirusnoneH2H
West Nile virusnoneA2H
Western equine encephalitis virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Xanthomonas albilineansEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. citriEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Xanthomonas oryzaeEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC, SA
Xylella fastidiosaEU, PRC, USAG, EU, PRC
Yellow fever virusEU, PRC, USAG, EU, H2H, PRC
Yersinia pestisEU, PRC, USEU, H2H, PRC, SA
Yersinia pseudotuberculosisPRCPRC
Zika virusnoneA2H, H2H