SecureDNA was designed to screen all oligo and gene synthesis orders against an up-to-date list of known and emerging hazards, including pre-generated functional variants.

Universal - fast, free, and available to all

  • Fast

    Rapid and delay-free screening at thousands of base pairs / sec, plus optional customer pre-screening

  • Free

    Non-profit and free to use, thanks to several generous donations and our efficient exact-match algorithm

  • Accessible

    Available to all providers with free integration support, to safeguard DNA synthesis worldwide

Comprehensive - sensitive, specific, and up-to-date

  • Sensitive

    Detects all known hazards and predicted functional variants down to 30 b.p., preventing oligos too small to be screened by other methods from being used to assemble hazards

  • Specific

    Outputs ~0 false alarms by using patented reverse screening to remove known non-hazards, enabling use in synthesizers and assemblers without human support

  • Up-to-date

    Uses a centralized database, updated swiftly by our biosecurity team as new threats are identified; no need to update local installations

Trustworthy - privacy-preserving and neutral

  • Privacy-preserving

    Protected by multiple layers of cryptography & distributed around the world, your customers’ sequences will be uninterpretable - by us or anyone else

  • Politically neutral

    Run within a Swiss non-profit foundation without involvement by any government - a worldwide research collaboration