SecureDNA Screening Demo

This page provides a limited interface into SecureDNA's screening software. Enter one or more nucleotide sequences in FASTA format into the textbox below and click Submit. Each sequence is scanned for hazards. If any hazards are detected, a detailed visualization is displayed.

For Limited Demonstration Purposes Only

  • This demo model is provided as a visual example of how our screening system works. These screening results omit details such as tags which are available in the integrated solution’s API response.
  • This is not suitable for automated environments. Our integrated solution offers an API for automated use.
  • Expect this demo to have lower performance compared to our integrated solution; it is not recommended for the scanning of long sequences.
  • This demo is rate-limited to 5 scans per hour to prevent spam.
  • Do not use this demo for scanning sensitive or proprietary information. Entering sequences directly into this web page bypasses the cryptographic protections our integrated solution uses, in which such sequences never leave your premises.

Get Started Screening Today

To deploy SecureDNA’s screening system or for an automated organizational evaluation, please get in touch.

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